Project Abstract

In 2010, the heroic spirit of Sir E. Shackleton lives on through a new team of explorers: To follow his footsteps, not for the glory of being the first to cross the Antarctic or the first to climb the highest mountain but to produce a momentous documentation of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This production will serve as a gift for future generations with an imaging epic that guarantees to inspire, invigorate and challenge for preservation of planet earth. Elysium is a project that draws upon the world’s finest nature artists and scientists to document the vista, flora and fauna of the Antarctica Peninsula and South Georgia. The area is regarded as one of the most enchanting wilderness regions of our planet, yet volatile and under severe threat from the warming of the world’s climate. The production promises the most awesome and most stunning audio visual interpretation ever seen of Antarctica.

To achieve the desired outcome, some of the most world’s most celebrated explorers have been selected for the principal team which includes David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Wyland, Amos Nachoum, Heather Angel, Leandro Blanco, Jonathan Shackleton, Göran Ehlmé, Paul Nicklen, Michael AW and Jamie Watt.

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What's  New

Opportunities now arise for individuals who wish to be part of an expedition among the giants of twentieth-first century explorers in a benchmark project that will leave behind a legacy of achievement and discovery for this generation and the next.

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Key Milestones